Projects !

a specific PROJECT of yours received energy alignments for 10 weeks?

your project is supported by energy alignments, new possibilities and creativity can open up.

you have a project that needs a boost, for instance


*  a book, a business, an invention                                         

* supporting you through your health issues

* relationships, pets

* prioritizing, conceptualizing

*enhancing your meditation


Note: Your project needs to be personal to you;
global or political concerns aren’t considered “projects” for now.


Program Duration: 10 weeks; timing is the same as each LEAP program.

Daily Alignments: Your project receives 8 energy alignments per week.

Four Master Teachers provide the energy alignments.

Age Qualifications: LEAP Project is open to those ages 13 and older. Parental approval required for those under 18.


Participant Requirements

First: We offer this opportunity at a discount of 50% ($82.50) from the regular LEAP price ($165). This discount applies to only a single project. You may sign up your project whether or not you yourself participate in LEAP.

Second: Give your PROJECT a Name and find (or make up) a Photo or image that represents your project. Use the website registration page to sign up.

Third: You agree to talk with us about your PROJECT’s progress at Week 6 and at Week 10; regardless of the results.


If this piques your interest, please email us ( and we’ll get right back to you.


Additionally, if you want help in conceptualizing your PROJECT, email us. When two heads come together, one never knows what might happen!