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Ellen’s new class:
Excellence Series, Group Format
             (for grads of ‘the healing class’)

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Starts October 9, 2019


Ellen’s new class:
Excellence Series, Group Format*
             (for grads of ‘the healing class’)

The Excellence Series consists of a series of 11 Energetic Healing Treatments that will:
Remove the upper end limits across your life
Clear out what has kept your thought processes limited
Rewrite your limiting subconscious patterns to be ones which support you
Each treatment rewires your energy pattern so that those subconscious thoughts no longer trigger those limits. The consecutive Energetic Healing Treatments, build on each other through the course of the series.
One participant accurately describes the Excellence Series saying: “these treatments took out the upper limits of what I thought I could do. They rewired my energy patterns so that old subconscious thoughts no longer trigger my previous limits.”
Between classes you’ll often notice shifts in your life, some subtle and often more obvious – actual measurable results, week to week, and … beyond.
Sign up! Invest in yourself, open up your future and surprise yourself with what your life becomes. I look forward to seeing you. Ellen
Starts: Tuesday, 8 Oct 2019
Time: 4:45 to 7:45 pm (doors open 4:30 pm)
Location:   Mountain View (directions sent on registration)
Duration:  12 Tuesdays (NO class on 1st Tuesdays)
Cost: $360
Prerequisite: ‘the healing class’
Registration closes: 5 Oct 2019
Contact:  Ellen Henson
*If for some reason the group format doesn’t work for you, contact Ellen about the one-on-one Excellence Series. Single Exceleration Treatments are also available.



Ellen Henson has been co-creating with Nature since she was a young girl. As she engages in the myriad aspects of this connection, her work continues to offer ways for others to refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize themselves.

A continuous thread through her life has been energy – how to notice subtle energy, how to manage one’s own, what to do when one’s energy drops or gets off center, how to assist others in raising and centering theirs, how to clear the energies of land and buildings, how to deepen one’s personal inquiry, how to gather support from one’s environment in a reciprocal way as one goes through life.

Ellen’s degree in Chemistry led her to 15 years of biochemical research of the eye. During the next 15 years she ran a catering business, cooking for people in their homes. While involved in this form of service, Ellen received her first attunement to Reiki, began co-creating flower essences, became a hand analyst, started her shamanic studies, studied the Life Insights Teachings and founded her business New Perspectives.

For 30 years, Ellen has offered hand analysis to clients, reading soul and personality information as shown in a person’s hands. Clients utilize this information as a tool for their personal growth.

Ellen is the founder and past director of Animal Beacons of Light, an organization which donates stuffed animals to children of all ages around the world. These animals have been filled with the energies of Love, Joy, Comfort, and Reiki. Now in their 18th year, the project has connected over 85,000 radiant stuffies with recipients in more than 60 countries.

A Reiki Master for over 15 years, Ellen teaches all levels of Reiki. As an Essence Master and creator of the New Perspectives Essences, she offers over 900 essences for personal transformation. These innovative, leading-edge essences are offered through classes and individual and group consultations.

As an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (AALIT), Ellen has taught an array of both foundation level and graduate classes since 2000. Together with Tina Solinas she created manuals for three of the graduate level classes and the Teacher Training Program. Throughout the years Ellen has co-taught many Life Insights Teachings classes with Rose Ann, Tina and Susan.

In 2005, Ellen founded and has served as a director of the 20 Dancing Dragons Mystery School of Self-Mastery. Since 2010, she and Susan Thompson have served as co-directors. With Susan, Ellen has co-authored The 20 Dancing Dragons Card Deck and Book.

In 2008, Ellen became a holder and transmitter of the Munay-Ki rites, architectural blueprints for becoming Homo luminous. These rites continue the lineage of the Inca. Together with Susan Thompson she has offered trainings since 2009. They are co-authors of Our Heritage Unfettered, a forthcoming book on the Munay-Ki rites.

A life in partnership with the magnificent energy of Mother Nature is a life open to possibility. As Ellen engages in the myriad aspects of this connection, her work continues to offer ways for others to refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize themselves. As this shift happens in her students and clients, they gain new perspectives of themselves and their life.

Right and left brains dance together in exquisite, everyday elegance.

Services offered

Services offered: classes and individual sessions drawing from all her various modalities of energy work as appropriate. She works both in-person and remotely.


Working with Ellen allowed me to see gifts I didn’t think I had! ~CAH

I learn new and revelatory things about myself every time Ellen does a hand analysis of my hands. ~KA


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