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From an early age, Susan Thompson has been drawn to transcendent and spiritual teachings, and has continued her studies with various spiritual teachers. She lovingly offers her knowledge of healing arts, meditation, Reiki, nature, music, and shamanism, to bring people to a peaceful and positive place in their lives.

A student of yoga since the age of 19, she founded an ashram in Ohio at age 20, and has been a devotee of Sant Kirpal Singh for more than 45 years.

Susan’s respect for the unique learning path of each being drew her to Montessori education where she worked for several years serving as a school administrator and substitute teacher.

In 1996, she opened her own healing center offering the alternative healing practice of Bioenergy Balancing. Her Biology degree and work in the Bacteriology Dept of Mass General Hospital merged with metaphysical healing into a system of energetic and scientific support.

For many years, Susan worked for Concentric Media, an independent media production company that has produced award-winning film documentaries of people working toward social justice, human rights, and personal growth.

Susan has written two nonfiction books in the Silk Stalkings series, including Edgar-nominated When Women Write of Murder. They honor series characters created by women mystery authors.

Recently, Susan retired from her position as Senior Director of Human Resources at a cancer research company, where she especially encouraged employees’ education and personal growth.

A continuing student of Scout Bartlett’s Life Insights classes since 2005, Susan Thompson is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher, LEAP master teacher, and a certified Exceleration Treatment practitioner. Susan has co-taught Life Insights Teachings classes with Ellen and also teaches them on her own.

In 2005, Susan began Reiki training and holds a Third Degree; her shamanic training in the Spirited Plant Medicine program began the same year.

Since 2008, Susan has been a holder and transmitter of the Munay Ki rites, architectural blueprints for becoming Homo luminous. These rites continue the lineage of the Inca. Susan and Ellen have offered trainings since 2009. They are co-authors of Our Heritage Unfettered, a forthcoming book on the Munay-Ki rites.

Since 2010, Susan and Ellen have served as co-directors of the 20 Dancing Dragons Mystery School of Self-Mastery. With Ellen, Susan co-authored The 20 Dancing Dragons Card Deck and Book.


Services offered

With great enthusiasm and joy, Susan lovingly offers Life Insights classes, Reiki in person and long distance, and training in the Munay Ki rites.


Being in Susan’s classes allows me to rest in her own deep sense of peace, which lifts my heart and allows me to be more open to the spirit that I am. ~TH

Being in one of Susan’s meditations has allowed me to open up to a deep and expanded life-filled sense of myself. ~NK


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