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For more than 40 years, Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley has studied and put into practice the energy healing and metaphysical wisdom from many different disciplines. “It is my profound honor to offer to others the gifts of my studies and my spiritual journey over the course of my life.”


Rose Ann is a Reiki Master and a Soul Healer as well as doing channeling work.

Of her early childhood she writes:

“I grew up in rural Mississippi where I loved to roam the woods behind my grandmother’s house. I was the child that always brought home a stray animal, who never met a stranger. My grandmother instilled a sense of wonder and magic in my life. I think of her as the door that opened the metaphysical world to me.”

Rose Ann is a Soul Healer, who heals the soul first, believing that we are holistic beings, and that when the issues of the soul are healed, healing of the mind and body will follow.

About 17 years ago, it was revealed to her that she was a channel for an Ascended Master. Over the intervening years that channel has become strong and clear. She has been told by that channel that this relationship is a continuation of many lifetimes where she has channeled and offered spiritual wisdom.

In the late ‘70s Rose Ann discovered yoga and at the same time began studying with Dr. Francisco Coll, an Irish-Puerto Rican spiritual teacher, who founded the Astro-Soul and Inner Peace Movement Community. Francisco’s spiritual journey started as a child in Puerto Rico, when angels came to him and told him he would lead many on their spiritual path. Through Francisco, Rose Ann was introduced to her angels and her psychic gifts.

She also pursued her interest in the writings of Jane Roberts as well as Jane’s books dictated by Seth. She corresponded with Jane throughout the last years of Jane’s life.

During the ‘80s, Rose Ann became a practicing Wiccan while continuing to weave together the insights she was gaining from her research into spiritual and healing knowledge. She studied with Pathways founder Chris Beals and Life Insights founder Scout Bartlett in the ‘90s. Throughout the 2000s, she traveled and studied with Doctor and Master Zhi Gong Sha, author of Soul, Mind Body Medicine and many other books.

Rose Ann continues to have a close relationship with nature, particularly The Bristlecone Pines and the ocean. Many of her most profound insights have occurred while at the ocean’s shore.

Services offered

As a Reiki Master and a Soul Healer, Rose Ann currently offers distant healing sessions using both Reiki and Soul Healing, as well as channeled sessions.


I have found that Rose Ann’s support and channeled wisdom has brought me great peace of mind and soulful upliftment. ~SEA

I often turn to Rose Ann when I have a problem whose solution eludes me. Her channeled communication illuminated my way forward. I’m deeply grateful for her direction guidance. ~CS


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