About the Program

* Self Confidence * Personal Empowerment * Stress Management *

When LEAP opens that beam of energy that we are,
we can experience more joy in life,
connecting with ‘who we really are’.
And as we celebrate life,
humanity’s innate ability to celebrate goodness is empowered as well.

The Life Insights Energy Alignment helps you to:

  • Feel more confident *
  • Manage your stress *
  • Improve relationships *
  • See new choices *
  • Improve your life *
  • Allows you the opportunity to make new choices,
  • Supports you to move forward in your chosen direction,
  • Centers and balances you.

Program Duration: 10 weeks

Daily Alignments: Receive 8 energy alignments per week, giving your mind, body, emotions and spirit an energetic lift.

Four Master Teachers of the Life Insights Teachings provide remote healing with the energy alignments.

Participant Qualifications: LEAP is open to those ages 13 and older. Parental approval required for those under 18.

Participant Requirements

  1. Answer these questions:
    • “How am I, and How is Life for me now?”
    • “What I want to release, heal, and/or enhance.”
  2. Save your answers in a safe, easily accessible place to have them available at the end of the 10 weeks.
  3. Fill out the Registration Form, include a copy of your answers, a recent photo of yourself, and registration payment. Your answers are CONFIDENTIAL. Register
  4. Note the beginning and ending dates of the program. Calendar
  5. Participate in a phone conversation with one of the teachers at the end of the program.

Reported Benefits from Participants

  • Underlying sense of safety.
  • Participants much calmer.
  • Family vacations less stressful, more satisfying.
  • Financial and day-to-day decisions easier to make.
  • New, more rewarding employment opportunities.
  • Increased interest in life.
  • Heightened awareness of beauty.
  • More at ease with themselves. 
  • Buried anger lessened.

Read about The Origins of LEAP

LEAP uses spiritual technology providing a cutting-edge program in the field of energy work. This technology draws participants into a higher, more consistent experience and expression of their energetic flow (who they really area) regardless of life’s circumstances.

The information provided through LEAP is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained in this program is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional.