Upcoming LEAP: July 22 – Sept 29, 2019

Registration closes July 17, 2019.

You may register in two ways:

  • On the website: complete and submit the registration form below, including a recent photo. For the fee: either send in a check to the address that will be emailed to you upon submitting the registration, or ask for the PayPal link in an email. Contact form.
  • Or, send everything by US Postal Service: including form, fee and photo.

The questions, at beginning and end of program:

  1. When registering: please write out your answers to the questions  (we will not read your answers).
    They are for you to clarify for yourself how you are now.
  2. At the end of the program: watch for an email during the final week. It will contain your exit questionnaire, which is optional to answer.  (We will not read your answers.)
  3. Then participate in a phone conversation with one of the teachers at the end of the program. The answers to the questions will help you see how what effect LEAP had for you.


  1. Either send in the money by check, or
  2. Contact us, and we will send you an email regarding paying by PayPal. Contact form.

LEAP:                                   $165

       10 weeks of daily alignments.

       Deadline: July 17, 2019

LEAP Bridge:                       $45

3 weeks of daily alignments for support until the next LEAP session. Only available to current participants of LEAP.

LEAP + LEAP Bridge:       $210

This combines LEAP and LEAP Bridge for 13 weeks of alignments.

Deadline for LEAP and LEAP Bridge is one week before the end of the current LEAP session: Calendar

Supplementary Support:   $100 

       See Additional Services.

Individual Sessions:

To learn more about the individual teachers and what they offer, see Additional Services.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, or wish more information, please use our contact form.

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