Rose Ann Offers…

Rose Ann currently offers distant healing sessions in various modalities:

  • Channeling from an Ascended Master.
  • Soul Healing – An energy healing that is done at the soul level. This means that it goes beyond physical or energetic healing.
  • Reiki Master – With roots in ancient cultures, this energetic healing modality supports health and vitality.

About Rose Ann

Rose Ann’s open, joyful heart is there to teach and heal. She sees deeply into you and meets you with a loving embrace. She gently allows you to see and appreciate your life from a positive, wider perspective. Rose Ann awakens your awareness to living in the world as the fuller you.

For more than 40 years, Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley has studied and put into practice the energy healing and metaphysical wisdom from many different disciplines.

Rose Ann finds great inspiration and support from nature, particularly the ocean and the Bristlecone Pines.

Rose Ann

Life Insights Teachings

Rose Ann is a teacher of Scout Bartlett’s Life Insights classes and his Vertical Energy Beam work. Scout’s L.I.V.E. Beam alignments are the basis of Rose Ann’s work with LEAP.

A Scientist, Spiritual Advisor, Writer, Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Teacher

Rose Ann is a Soul Healer, one who heals the soul first, believing that we are holistic beings, and that when the issues of the soul are healed, healing of the mind and body will follow.

About 17 years ago, it was revealed to her that she was a channel for an Ascended Master. Over the intervening years that channel has become strong and clear. She has been told by that channel that this relationship is a continuation of many lifetimes where she has channeled and offered spiritual wisdom.



I have found that Rose Ann’s support and channeled wisdom has brought me great peace of mind and soulful upliftment.



I often turn to Rose Ann when I have a problem whose solution eludes me. Her channeled communication illuminated my way forward. I’m deeply grateful for her insights and guidance.

~ CS

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