The Origins of LEAP

The Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program, explores the benefits of receiving the Life Insights alignments. LEAP highlights the alignments in a new way. These alignments are the core of ‘the healing class’, the foundational work of the Life Insights Teachings developed by Scout Bartlett.

Initially, this Program started as a research project. Because of the phenomenal results experienced across all areas of life by the participants, we now offer the adventure of the Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program for your growth.

As a result of the alignments, the majority of participants were able to approach their life differently. They reported having more confidence, an expanded sense of time, feeling grounded.

LEAP focuses on the power that alignments have on your life and explores the benefits of these alignments.

As experienced senior teachers of this work, we are delighted to offer LEAP. We come with decades of experience of teaching and living these alignments. We know that when the 4 of us put our focus and attention on you, with daily alignments over 10 weeks, it will impact your life.