Tina Offers

Various healing modalities

  • Introspective Hypnosis – QHHT Hypnosis – These hypnosis sessions open the conversation between you, your conscious self and your subconscious. They help you delve into your deepest self in order to heal and to release what you no longer need, so you can move forward in ways you’ve always wanted to . What does your soul want you to heal? Let’s do it!
    I’ve been fortunate to have trained with Alba Weinman, Antonio Sangio and with Dolores Cannon’s daughter: Julia Cannon. I’m also trained in BQH.
  • Hawaiian Stone Sessions – The Stones embody people and their issues in a clear way. They help us to connect to spirit and to clear these issues up at a deep level.
  • Energetic Healing Sessions – Balancing, grounding, releasing and opening you up to new possibilities.
  • Personalized Recorded Guided Meditations – Meditations that incorporate your specific desires, and aid in your self-balancing and self-healing.
  • Channeled Messages – Tina shares channeled messages that come through her Celestial Family.
  • Life Insights Teachings – Classes of self-growth, self- healing, and learning how to align and balance your own energy as well of that of others’.

All work is available in person and online through Zoom as well as other options.

About Tina

Tina Solinas of Aptos, California, is a vibrant, happy, forward-thinking soul who offers energetic healing in person and by phone. She can help connect people to their true selves and their inner place of calmness. She works with individuals to bring out their inner wisdom and connect to their inherent joy.

  • She uses her strong inner energy and light as a guide to follow the energy flows in and around your body bringing your energy to a balanced state contributing to a harmonious sense of self in all aspects of life.
  • With an immense connection to Spirit and the Earth, she works with these energies to help people heal their bodies, their emotions, their past, their natural environments and their homes.
  • The Stones of the Earth speak to her, bringing messages of clarity and that is ready to be brought into the open. Learning about the Stones from Hawaiian Shamanism, she works with them to uplift a situation to unravel itself and re-weave those issues into a healthier, light-filled solution.
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Life Insights Teachings

Tina  started working with Scout Bartlett almost 30 years ago. The profundity of his classes and sessions have supported Tina in becoming a stronger, healthier, more whole human being. She feels honored to be considered one of Scout’s two lineage holders, due to her experience and expansiveness gained through creating the manuals for his advanced classes, apprenticing and then teaching them, along with Ellen Henson.Tina continues to teach Scout Bartlett’s Life Insights classes and his Vertical Energy Beam work. She explains: “These classes have healed people to a depth they never thought possible. They’ve allowed me to be a person who is fully present and happy to be alive, facing whatever comes next with flexibility, humor, and curiosity.” Scout’s L.I.V.E. Beam alignments continue to be one the mainstays of Tina’s work.

Metaphysical Studies

She feels very blessed to have studied metaphysical realities with many gifted people throughout her life, including Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamans, whose teachings she weaves into her healing practices.This is where her deeply illuminating healing work with Hawaiian Stones originated, as well as helping people and their families when it’s time to cross that Rainbow Bridge onto the other side.

An Activist & An Educator

For over 50 years, Tina has been passionate about social justice. As a teen, she taught school and worked with building projects with Quakers.  In her early 20’s, she worked in a medical clinic for farmworkers and created a summer school for their children. For 17 years, she worked with the United Farm Workers Union in many capacities and in three states. Tina is dedicated to the education of children and adults.  She has taught English, swimming, science, elementary school, reading, writing and art to both children and adults; As a teacher of teachers, and as an administrator, she has been an advocate for all.Tina continues to use her gifts and studies to support others to:

  • Notice their own energy.
  • Be aware of what gets in the way of being balanced.
  • How to bring one’s self to a place of peacefulness, and joy.



I have experienced Tina’s skillful Hawaiian Stone Work. The responses from the session were deeply moving and gave me specific information about personal relationships. 

~ SM


Tina, you’re a great counselor! 

~ TM


The session of introspective hypnosis with Tina was a deep and profound experience. I felt safe and comfortable with her gentle support and guidance. The healing is still reverberating throughout my being. 

~ KH

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