I offer various healing modalities;

Introspective Hypnotherapy – Delve into your deepest self and listen
Hawaiian Stone Sessions – Understand and clear situations and relationships in your life
Energetic healing sessions – Balancing, grounding, releasing, opening you to your new possibilities
Personalized recorded Guided Meditations – Self-balancing and self healing
Reiki – Treatments
Life Insights Teachings – Classes to self growth, healing the masculine, feminine and child aspects of your life.

All work is available in person, and via phone/Skype/Zoom or FaceTime.



I have experienced Tina’s skillful Hawaiian Stone Work. The responses from the session were deeply moving and gave me specific information about personal relationships. ~SM

Tina, you’re a great counselor! ~TM

        The session of introspective hypnosis with Tina was a deep and profound experience. I felt safe and             comfortable with her gentle support and guidance. The healing is still reverberating throughout
my being.  ~ KH


Tina’s Classes and Bio