Why Alignments

Why Alignments?

When a LEAP teacher aligns you, she frees and draws together the scattered parts of your energy, bringing them back into the core of you. This gives your body, mind, emotions and spirit an energetic lift allowing you to be connected to your Source.

Receiving an alignment helps you see, sense, and feel options that you hadn't noticed before, opening your mind to new possibilities and creativity.

These tumultuous times affect us on many levels. You might find yourself spinning because of the challenging turmoil of today’s realities. Your energy may be stuck in fear, anger, blame or worry, forgetting the beauty of the world.

With an alignment, you become more at peace amidst frenzied circumstances.

Having on-going alignments has a cumulative effect. LEAP, with its 10 weeks of daily alignments, taps into this. This cumulative effect might show up as greater self-confidence, lessening of depression, the ability to navigate life’s unanticipated bumps more easily than expected.

...............................................And… alignments can be deeply relaxing.

To experience the LIVE Beam Meditation, click the audio link below.

You will hear Scout Bartlett, developer of the meditation and Life Insights Teachings.