Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program


Distance healing, which LEAP is, boosts self-confidence,
improves personal relationships, relieves stress and more.

What is LEAP ?

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Initially, LEAP started as a research project. Due to the phenomenal results experienced by participants across all areas of life, we now offer the adventure of the Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program  (LEAP) for your support and growth.

Scout Bartlett, the founder of the Life Insights Teachings, developed the foundational work of the energy alignment, which is the core of the LEAP alignments. This program explores the benefits of receiving the Life Insights energy alignments daily, over a 10 week period.

To experience Scout’s alignment process, called the “L.I.V.E. Beam meditation” (Life Insights Vertical Energy Beam), please listen to Scout’s recorded meditation below. 

Why Alignments


Receiving a remote LEAP energy healing helps you see, sense, and feel choices that you hadn’t noticed before, opening your mind to new possibilities and creativity. When a LEAP Master Teacher aligns you, she frees and draws together the scattered parts of your energy, bringing them back into the core of you, giving your body, mind, emotions, and spirit an energetic lift allowing you to be connected to your Source.

These tumultuous times affect us on many levels. You might find yourself spinning because of the challenging turmoil of today’s realities. Your energy may be stuck (in fear, anger, blame, or worry) forgetting the beauty of the world. Consistent alignments can help you choose where you wish your energy to be.

Be at Peace
Energy Alignments


With an energy alignment, you have the option to become more at peace amidst frenzied circumstances. Having our ongoing energy alignments has a cumulative effect.

This can show up as greater self-confidence, lessening of depression, the ability to navigate life’s unanticipated bumps more quickly than expected. And energy alignments can be deeply relaxing.

To experience the alignment process, please listen to the given audio recording above. You will hear Scout’s recorded meditation.

This link takes you to Scout’s website:

The Result


 We, the LEAP Master Teachers, are delighted to offer LEAP. We come with decades of teaching and living these energy alignments, and we know that when the four of us put our focus and attention on you, with daily alignments, it will positively impact your life.


The information provided through LEAP is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained in this program is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Nor is it intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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