Support Your Project

What if a specific project of yours received energy alignments for 10 weeks? New possibilities and creativity can open up with energy alignments. Perhaps you have a project that needs a boost, for instance:

  • Creating a book, a business, an invention
  • Supporting you through your health issues
  • Improving relationships with people and pets
  • Prioritizing, conceptualizing
  • Enhancing your meditation

Note: Your project needs to be personal to you; global or political concerns aren’t considered “projects” for now.


Requirements for a Project

We offer this opportunity to have a specific project of yours to be in the LEAP Program. You may sign up for your project(s) whether or not you personally participate in LEAP.

  • Give your project a title and find (or make-up) a photo or image that represents your project.
  • Use the website registration page to sign up.
  • You may sign up for more than 1 project.
  • We would appreciate talking with you about your project’s progress at Week 10, regardless of the results.

Additionally, if you want help in conceptualizing your project, email us. When two heads come together, one never knows what might happen!

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