Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program

Be energetically supported
when you want to leap forward in life.

Energy Healing with LEAP

Distance Energy Healing

Our Next Program

Ten weeks from July 15 – Sept 22, 2024

Receive daily remote healing support to assist you in gracefully walking through these contentious times. You can consider enrolling:

  • Yourself
  • Your family
  • Your pets
  • Your business
  • A hoped-for project
  • Your home

What is LEAP?

LEAP is a program that supports your life energetically through our unique alignments. This support is given remotely without any in-person meetings, Zoom, phone calls, or scheduled timing. You receive energy work every day during this 10-week program.

Our work balances your energy, grounds you and draws together the scattered parts of your energy, bringing them back into the core of you. This allows more Source energy to flow through you. This gives your body, mind, emotions, and spirit an energetic lift, connecting you to your own creative self.


I noticed that I was actively trying to interest everyone today. Focusing on the positives of the day and the people. Refreshing.

~ TB

I’m feeling lighter? Thanks much!!

~ AY (After week 2 of LEAP)

I’m less stressed than I was before the program, more confident in my actions. Principally, I’m more optimistic and with the stronger sense that it is possible to change things in myself and my life.

~ RL

This year was the first year that my back did not go into spasm, even though it was the most stressful traveling we’ve ever done. It was miraculous. Also, I am filled with more optimism. I am very grateful to the LEAP program.

~ SB

I swear the alignments keep me more aware and positive. It’s keeping me afloat

~ TM (after week 1 of LEAP)

Rose Ann’s Weekly Reflections

  • Our energy alignments are like spiritual hugs.

    Dear Ones, The weeks are flying by.  We are at week 5 of this last program of LEAP for 2023.  As you go about your days remember that each and every day you are receiving an alignment from one of us. Strengthening, straightening, widening your core essence provides a moment of re-set for you as…

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  • Meditators emit light from their heart

    From The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World:  by the Dalai Lama: A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates on their heart center and…

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  • Changing seasons

    Dear Ones, I’m sure each of you is noticing the change of season, if not temperature….ghost and goblins adorn every store I visit, bet yours do too.  It’s a good time to consider what’s next for you….what do you want to release, heal or enhance? Meanwhile, your daily alignments continue during the Bridge from LEAP…

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  • Who are you today?

    Dear Ones, It’s always an honor to align you and your projects daily.  As we make our way through this last week of the current LEAP, please take a moment to look at your goals for this program.  What shifts do you see in your life?   Sometimes it’s almost impossible to see how life was ten…

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  • Daily Energy Boosts

    Dear Ones, Life can be so unpredictable; that can mean incredible joy or sorrow.  When you align yourself to the earth and to spirit, and have your energy flow through you, (which can feel like an energy boost) daily, you are brought back to that place of wholeness and from there you can face the challenges…

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