Life Insights

        The energy work we use in this program is from the seminal work of the Life Insights Teachings created by Scout Bartlett.

                       The technique, known as an alignment, grounds you to the planet and connects you to Source.

                                                                       This brings your whole energy system

                                                                                                   – your aliveness, your chi, your life force –

                                                                                                                               into balance. 


         When you receive an alignment,

                       your central vertical beam of energy is expanded and sped up,

                                                                         resulting in more energy being available for you in your life.



         Participants receive 8 alignments a week for 10 weeks from 4 Master Teachers.

                       Being brought into alignment

                                                                       gives your body, mind, emotions and spirit a daily boost,

                                                                                       supporting you in a myriad of ways.                                                                              


         The teacher of the day sends an alignment to you wherever you are.

                        We call this remote energy work.

                                                                       You don’t have to do anything, simply be open to receiving. You may or may not notice these uplifting daily alignments.


Our Next Program

Ten weeks from Oct 21 – Dec 29, 2019

Receive daily healing support to assist you in gracefully walking through these contentious times. 

Learn more about the Program.

Our Teachers



Ellen’s new class:
Excellence Series, Group Format
             (for grads of ‘the healing class’)

Coming up!
Starts October 9, 2019





From an early age, Susan Thompson has been drawn to transcendent and spiritual teachings, and has continued her studies with various spiritual teachers. She lovingly offers her knowledge of healing arts, meditation, Reiki, nature, music, and shamanism, to bring people to a peaceful and positive place in their lives. (more…)



Tina Solinas is a vibrant, happy, forward-thinking soul who offers energetic healing, in person and by phone. She has an ability to bring people back to their core selves, to their inner place of calmness. From that place, she helps people open up to their own innermost wisdom, to connect to their inherent joy.


Rose Ann

Rose Ann

For more than 40 years, Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley has studied and put into practice the energy healing and metaphysical wisdom from many different disciplines. “It is my profound honor to offer to others the gifts of my studies and my spiritual journey over the course of my life.”


Greetings From Our Teachers

We want to remind you that, when you sign up for LEAP, you sign up for a tremendous amount of energy support for 10 weeks.

Some people who sign up for LEAP are ready for a huge energetic move forward. Some sign up because subconsciously they knew that there were many challenges ahead. All who joined have perfect timing to receive this energetic support for internal changes and/or external events.

However you are drawn to LEAP, we’ll be glad to have you participate - at whatever level you choose.