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Tina Solinas, of Santa Cruz, California, is a vibrant, happy, forward-thinking soul who offers energetic healing, in person and by phone. She has an ability to bring people back to their core selves, to their inner place of calmness. From that place, she helps people open up to their own innermost wisdom, to connect to their inherent joy.



  • She follows the energy flows in and around your body to see what they call her to do next.
  • Combining with spirit, she works with earth energy and grids to help heal bodies, emotions, spaces, forests, homes.
  • Stones work with her, communicating aspects of a person that are developing, want healing, or are ready to be brought into the light. The Stones uplift a situation to unravel itself, and then to re-weave into a healthier, light-filled solution.

Tina teaches Scout Bartlett’s Life Insights classes, and his Vertical Energy Beam work. She writes: “These classes have healed people to a depth they never thought possible. They’ve allowed me to be a person who is fully present and happy to be here, facing whatever comes next with flexibility, humor and curiosity.” Scout’s L.I.V.E. Beam alignments are the basis of Tina’s work.

Throughout her life, she feels very blessed to have studied metaphysical realities with many gifted people, including Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamans, whose teachings she weaves into her healing practices.

As an activist and educator, she worked with the Quakers in high school, in a medical clinic for farmworkers, with the United Farm Workers Union for 17 years, and created a summer school for farmworker children. As a teacher, she taught English, swimming, science, elementary school, writing to teachers, art to children; and has been a reading specialist, a teacher of teachers, an administrator and an advocate for children.

And now — now, she works with people on how to notice their own energy; helping them to see what gets in the way of being balanced, and how to bring oneself back into a place of peacefulness, and yes, even to a place of joy.


Services offered

Tina offers Introspective Hypnosis, healing Stone sessions, Life Insights classes and energetic balancing — in person and by phone.


I have experienced Tina’s skillful Hawaiian Stone Work. The responses from the session were deeply moving and gave me specific information about personal relationships. ~SM

Tina, you’re a great counselor! ~TM

        The session of introspective hypnosis with Tina was a deep and profound experience. I felt safe and             comfortable with her gentle support and guidance. The healing is still reverberating throughout my           being.  ~ KH


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