~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

1. What is the registration fee for LEAP?

• Registration by check: $165.
• Registration by PayPal: $172.
In PayPal, use LEAPwithLight@gmail.com

2. What is LEAP’s Refund Policy?

• Refund within 3 days of registering: $165.
• After that, to the end of the registration period, there is a 50% refund.
• No refund after registration is closed.

3. What if I don’t feel anything? Does it still work?

• Yes, it’s still working.
• LEAP is working at a deep energetic level that you might not be accustomed to feeling.

4. I’m really struggling with my life right now. Will LEAP help?

There are times when we need more support to meet day-to-day challenges. The LEAP energy alignments are not designed to solve your problems. They are designed to bring you back into balance. When you’re in balance, you have a better opportunity to have a clearer perspective.

5. When I was drawn to sign up for LEAP I was feeling fine, and now I find I’m facing some big issues.

Something in you encouraged you to sign up for LEAP. Coincidentally, it appears that your life brought you challenges. Please know that LEAP supports you through these trials.

6. What if my life is working beautifully and many good things are happening, how does LEAP help me?

LEAP helps ground you and connect you with Source. LEAP provides a sense of stability if doubts were to arise. Being brought into balance on a daily basis can help you move through even positive expansions with ease, grace, and harmony.

7. I’ve had this kind of alignment before, how is getting daily energy alignments for 10 weeks different?

LEAP strengthens your energy system at a deep level. The consistent, day-in-day-out energy alignments not only bring you back into balance in the moment, additionally, they give you a depth of balance that becomes your new normal.

8.  I’ve taken ‘the healing class’ and I use alignments on myself. Why would I sign up for LEAP?

The unique opportunity LEAP offers is the daily energy alignments given in rotation by our four experienced, senior spiritual teachers.
We bring, in addition to our ability to align your beam, the full force of our lifetimes of spiritual study and mastery. This is no small thing.
An example: If one uses a single spice to flavor a dish one gets a particular impact. If one uses an array of spices in the same recipe, the dish is enhanced beyond the impact of any individual one. This makes for quite a yummy dish!