Daily Energy Boosts

Dear Ones,

Life can be so unpredictable; that can mean incredible joy or sorrow.  When you align yourself to the earth and to spirit, and have your energy flow through you, (which can feel like an energy boost) daily, you are brought back to that place of wholeness and from there you can face the challenges that life presents.

We are energy beings wrapped in what some call our “skin bags”… living out our life lessons in a very physical world.  And, moment by moment we can forget that our spiritual lives are the driving force behind, underneath our physical world. 

Your daily alignment returns that spiritual self to itself, then you get to pick whatever is going on in your life.  Yep, I think I repeated myself…guess it’s important.  I need the reminder as well.

For today, please find a moment of beauty in your world, and remember to treat. yourself as a beloved, precious friend. (Because, you are!)

Until next time,

With love and light,

Your LEAP Team

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