We are at the end of August and in less than a month we will experience the Autumnal Equinox.   I feel myself turning to that point of balance even as summer temperatures mean I’m still watering the lawn and the new plants that are hugging the front of my house.

Giving and receiving the alignments that are LEAP helps me stay in touch with my inner world, that place where my true essence can shine. 

Speaking of shining:  tonight is the Super Moon, the full moon when the moon is closest to Earth.  If you have time, and feel drawn to do so, get out and see it.  If you can’t get out, reach out and embrace this special energy from wherever you are.  And, if you are really inspired you could do the LIVE Beam Energy Exercise as you embrace the moon….just a thought…..

Wonder what would happen if each of us did that tonight?   I’d love to hear your experience of the Blue Moon….enjoy your evening whatever you do!

I hope you are each having a lovely week.  You are being aligned daily and your projects receive the same tender care.

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